Curriculum Vitae

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Employment Summary

February 2016 to present

Tennants UK Ltd

Software Development Manager
Application Developer

May 2011 - January 2020

Reanimated Projects and Games Ltd

Technical Director

April 2006 - December 2015

Daily Internet Services Ltd

Research and Development Director

September 2005 - March 2006

Self employed

Web Developer and System Administrator

November 1999 - August 2005

PIPEX Hosting UK Ltd (formerly Webfusion Internet Solutions Ltd then Host Europe PLC)

Senior Developer
Product Development Team Leader
System Administrator

Prior to 1999

Developed a successful IT career progressing from Computer Assistant to System and Network Administrator to Senior Team Member working for a leading university and a web-hosting company.

Other Projects

Since late 2005 I have been running a browser based game at - the last few years have seen very little development but it still has about 100 players.

From May 2011, myself and a couple of other people were directors of Reanimated Projects and Games Ltd. This involved developing a browser based game framework in our spare time and learning what is involved in running a business. No product was launched and it was agreed to dissolve the company in January 2020.

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